One western city has decided to tackle the housing affordability crisis head-on.  According to NPR, Reno, Nevada has approved a plan to construct 1,000 new homes in 120 days.  In a Saturday broadcast, produced and written by Chris Bentley, NPR newscaster Kathleen McKenna called Reno, self-promoted as "The Biggest Little City in the World," is also one of the least affordable cities in the country relative to household income. The median home price in the city is $420,500.  Reno mayor Hillary Schieve told the network that the city has seen many high-tech companies such as Tesla, Google, Apple, and Amazon relocating some of their operations to Reno, escaping the million-dollar plus home prices in the Silicon Valley. She said its current housing market can be partially attributed to the high rate of foreclosures and unemployment during the Great Recession.  Many builders and developers were badly burned in the downturn and have been reluctant to pick up the pace of construction despite what is now high demand.


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